Oh the final module!!

Finally the last module begins!! Okay, so I really don’t know how to start conversing with you about what’s going to happen this time in module but surely can claim that this one is going to be interesting!!

Sitting in those boring classrooms, listening to the monotonous lectures and working in that same space is a plan tossed out of the window this time. We step into markets i.e. our Macro Areas, observe it, understand it, gather information about the market, get to know about the socio culture, visual culture and material culture about the macro area. After giving a break to our observational skills we get to select our micro area, and within that micro area we run our minds to find the area of opportunities to improvise, give a design solution or a design intervention for that micro area.

Let’s hope this module works out well as the last one did, and brings out the best solutions available. So keep reading to get to know more!!



They say style is eternal. This is just a try to keep it that way. Hoping to savor your style, Because let’s face it? Style is personal, style is beautiful and most of all? It’s you. Join me on my venture to discover myself. And maybe somewhere along the line, you will find yourself too. I am just a nineteen year old, #pearlacademy styling student, (trying) to be a fashion maven. Hi, I am Sameeksha Chanana and welcome to my blog.

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