Window Display!

Many shop and firm owners find it difficult to generate excellent window displays for their shop front. These days, many retail shop owners are starting to realize that window displays are the fastest technique of driving clients into their shop. An attractive and nicely executed window display will generate interest to anyone who passes by your store.

That is why I found Window Display to be the best option for the final design intervention to work upon. Well planned fixture for your displays won’t only bring substantial number of clients into your business, but can help in improving your sales at the same time. However, disorganized shop or one that has not been planned well is much less likely to draw clients and window shoppers.

Keeping in mind the front of the shop is what people see first so it must be well designed if you want to gain great and positive impression from them. Window displays which are planned well, with display items and posters which are designed perfectly, you will not find it tough to always invite customers to come into your store.

Window displays is among the indispensable functions your store front must have. There are different purposes that it can serve. This is the reason why many store owners and company firms have been considering them. It could be utilized when promoting items on sale, introducing wide range of items for the new shopping seasons or to help slow moving items to sell more rapidly.

When the customers walk past or head to the direction in any store, they are going to first notice the window display. It is what they take a look at first and they judge a store in accordance with what they see on the display. This implies that your display should be appealing and it should reflect what your organization or business represents. It must be innovative instead of being boring or uninteresting.

These are the prototypes for the window display :


The Wedding Bells!

While observing the market throughout and considering the pointers from each possible micro areas, we thought that WEDDING BELLS was the most apt to work upon as our final micro area because though the shop owners have a lot of capabilities to enhance the shop they are not able to move forward because of lack of some major issues, like the window display, which is essential for a shop that enables the customers to know about a particular shop and also is a big part of marketing as it attracts most of the customers.

Also, as the shop resides in the inner lanes of the market, it requires more promotion related to signage’s, hoardings, etc. the shop could also use some spatial styling, considering the fact the shop rents wedding attires which requires a lot of space for themselves.

Though the shop is perfect on its own but by putting in some extra efforts would benefit them even more.   IMG_2470



We refer to them often while we travel or have used them in schools and in our daily lives for information regarding finding a place or a particular destination – MAP.

Well this is a 2D map of Rajouri Garden Main Market that was created by my group, to give a basic structure to our market. It was a brainstorming process to decide whether how to present our 2D maps because it requires the minute details to be made with precision. At the end we decided upon making it on a fabric with sewing thread to show the different shops, individual colour describing a particular shop, like red defines clothing shops, blue defines shoe shops, yellow is for jewellery and green for the extras.

As hoped for the final outcome of the idea came out to be very well and hope that the 3d model also turns out well.

Going into new directions!

Probably by know you I am sure that you guys know a lot about Rajouri Garden Main Market. Well that was just the Macro Area that we had explored and Now we are about to get in the Micro Area or I should say probable Micro Area?(these college assignments I tell you!). What defines a micro area best is a small part of something humongous. Within our special Rajouri Market we have come across many micro areas that can possibly use some design interventions. The few shops that I found interesting to work upon were: a.) Wedding Bells b.) Professional Artistic Cosmetics c.) Rajesh Footwear d.) Little Angels. Why only these shops?? Well, what I thought of while choosing these particulars was the fact that these shops are not so in the hyped area of the market and they might be the ones that may require some probable design intervention to help them grow more.

Now let’s see what best research can happen over these shops over some discussions and some more brainstorming! Till then keep reading..!!

Exploring the market!!!

Rajouri Garden is a place that is full of grandeur and style. Famous for wedding shopping, it’s quite apparent what kind of sceneries we can expect from this place. However, that isn’t the only thing. You will also find shops here that can fit in your day to day material, and sell them at a rather cheap price. This is the exact reason why you will find a lot of people of different socio-economic status here. It supports all kinds of shops, from expensive wear to your daily products, from refined food to your desi chatpata food. Needless to say, the market is full of people of different kinds, a mini glimpse at the diversity of Delhi in its own self. Some people are dressed casually, while some formal—a set of glares on, heels, a lot of people in tow. You won’t come across any signs in the market, so looking for a place might seem difficult at first ( as it did for us) however, the end was sweet as the place was totally worth it.

Visiting the market!

When you think of shopping and markets, one of the first places that hit your head is probably the Rajouri Market. Also called the wedding market (let’s face it, that isnt happening anytime soon, but that doesn’t stop us, does it?) It has umpteen more things to explore. From the massive showrooms here, full of intricate designer dresses, to sophisticated footwear to the bakeries here offering you delicious delicacies and the special Dilliwali chaat, how can be forget that? (because food is food.) This market has a shine of it’s own. Probably one of the reasons why it attracts so many customers, of various aristocratic backgrounds–ready to go through the place, and experience it in every way.

And now, today it is our chance. Here is our college venture to Rajouri Garden (a well-deserved break from our white washed classes) and here is to another great experience!IMG20170420174443

Oh the final module!!

Finally the last module begins!! Okay, so I really don’t know how to start conversing with you about what’s going to happen this time in module but surely can claim that this one is going to be interesting!!

Sitting in those boring classrooms, listening to the monotonous lectures and working in that same space is a plan tossed out of the window this time. We step into markets i.e. our Macro Areas, observe it, understand it, gather information about the market, get to know about the socio culture, visual culture and material culture about the macro area. After giving a break to our observational skills we get to select our micro area, and within that micro area we run our minds to find the area of opportunities to improvise, give a design solution or a design intervention for that micro area.

Let’s hope this module works out well as the last one did, and brings out the best solutions available. So keep reading to get to know more!!

Let us be a visual thinker!!



Hey guys!! Well it’s been long.. you know why, because i was busy exploring visually. I am sure that you guys might have observed in my last post my inspiration board, through that inspiration i derived some essence, and after taking that essence further we had to draw some motifs. The essence that came into my mind were : COLORS, SYMMETRY, CIRCLES AND PATTERNS. Following are my visual explorations…..