The Wedding Bells!

While observing the market throughout and considering the pointers from each possible micro areas, we thought that WEDDING BELLS was the most apt to work upon as our final micro area because though the shop owners have a lot of capabilities to enhance the shop they are not able to move forward because of lack of some major issues, like the window display, which is essential for a shop that enables the customers to know about a particular shop and also is a big part of marketing as it attracts most of the customers.

Also, as the shop resides in the inner lanes of the market, it requires more promotion related to signage’s, hoardings, etc. the shop could also use some spatial styling, considering the fact the shop rents wedding attires which requires a lot of space for themselves.

Though the shop is perfect on its own but by putting in some extra efforts would benefit them even more.   IMG_2470



They say style is eternal. This is just a try to keep it that way. Hoping to savor your style, Because let’s face it? Style is personal, style is beautiful and most of all? It’s you. Join me on my venture to discover myself. And maybe somewhere along the line, you will find yourself too. I am just a nineteen year old, #pearlacademy styling student, (trying) to be a fashion maven. Hi, I am Sameeksha Chanana and welcome to my blog.

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