Let’s just agree that most of us are not able to differentiate between Art, Craft and Design.

Art is an exclusive work; it has a beauty of its own. Sky is the limit if you are creating an art. It is limitless of emotions, expressions and uniqueness, which is why art can never be reproduced.

Craft attracts people; it has some utility value and is designed for a purpose. Craft has a strong market value as it comes out of your mind and need, as compared to art, which comes out of our heart and soul.

Design is something that communicates some message and motivates the viewer to get inspired and do something.




They say style is eternal. This is just a try to keep it that way. Hoping to savor your style, Because let’s face it? Style is personal, style is beautiful and most of all? It’s you. Join me on my venture to discover myself. And maybe somewhere along the line, you will find yourself too. I am just a nineteen year old, #pearlacademy styling student, (trying) to be a fashion maven. Hi, I am Sameeksha Chanana and welcome to my blog.

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