Oh! Crochet….

We’ve all met the type of girl (or guy!) who can’t stop talking … about celebrity gossip, her love life, and the weather forecast for the coming weekend. Well, the weather outside today is very chilly and perfect to get into a blanket and sleep in! (Did I just become that girl?!) And guess what this college is making me do in such weather CROCHETING!!
No I am not saying crocheting is not interesting, IT IS, very.

Let me tell you about actually…

Crochet is a process of creating fabric by interlocking loops of yarn, thread, or strands of other materials using a crochet hook.

A variety of textures, patterns and shapes can be created through different techniques by varying tension, dropping and adding stitches and wrapping the yarn around the hook during a stitch.

Crocheting is one of the fascinating traditional techniques that have been set ablaze in recent years by contemporary artists. Young artists are looking at the early works by hicks, Tawney, Minkowitz and others.

Tambour not only gives birth to crochet but a whole new world of design.

Crocheting, like felting, knitting, and weaving is finding a new wonderful voice in contemporary art making, impressively breaking previous stereotyped borders.


Crochet.(n.d.)., 2016,  Retrieved from http://historycooperative.org/a-history-of-crochet-patterns/



They say style is eternal. This is just a try to keep it that way. Hoping to savor your style, Because let’s face it? Style is personal, style is beautiful and most of all? It’s you. Join me on my venture to discover myself. And maybe somewhere along the line, you will find yourself too. I am just a nineteen year old, #pearlacademy styling student, (trying) to be a fashion maven. Hi, I am Sameeksha Chanana and welcome to my blog.

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